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As a pioneering digital platform, MyBreastCancerStory.com (MBCS) offers brands a unique opportunity to engage a diverse community of people directly affected by breast cancer. Prior to our launch, brands and organizations, we're limited by existing platforms which are less daring and inclusive or either focused on finding a cure or fundraising. MyBreastCancerStory.com is a safe space and platform that encourages body positivity and aims to amplify the voice of people that do not look like a typical mainstream media representation of a survivor - from the nippleless to the tatted and pierced or folks with afros or bald heads even down to outliers like men. Our team will connect your brand to MBCS tailor solutions to suit each partner’s unique needs with an emphasis on return . Are you ready to reach our passionate community and to become breast friends? Click a button below to get started.
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Individual Contributor

Exclusive opportunities to support the cause.

Branded Events

Partner with MyBreastCancerStory.com to present an event to get your brand or organization in front of key audiences.

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Commissioned Art, Livestreaming/Podcasting

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Partner with MyBreastCancerStory.com to co-create original editorial and video content.