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Breast Cancer survivors all across the world is sharing their stories. Lets celebrate all women of color breast cancer survival day. You beat breast cancer now lets celebrate and share your story with millions of other women of color to help them heal. Are you ready to be brave?

Dom The Blogger

#28 #DoubleMastectomy

I used to love my tits. Everything about them. As a preteen and a late bloomer, I was the girl who would stuff socks similar in size in my training bra to imagine what it would be like to have actual breast. They were my entry into womanhood. They were adored by anyone who I was intimate with. I can even remember the first compliment they ever received. On a day that I needed a confidence booster, I could wear a low cut top and feel on top of the world.
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In my wildest dreams I never would have imagined coming on social media and telling you my personal business. This wasn’t my plan. I certainly had no intentions of sitting in front of you with one tit. A cancerous one – staring at you. If I startled you, I apologize. If I offended you then I apologize for not giving a shit. This is my body. My journey. MY LIFE. And I have finally come to terms with all of it.
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#DoubleMastectomy #40

I was diagnosed with stage III ER+/PR+ breast cancer at age of 26 and at that time I was unaware that a woman my age could receive a breast cancer diagnosis. I was under the impression that breast cancer was an older woman’s disease. I definitely didn’t think you could get breast cancer before age 40, because 40 is all you ever hear in relation to breast cancer and mammograms. I felt alone and confused. I had questions! Lots of them! How could I have breast cancer? Will this little lump in my left breast kill me? Who will take care of my daughter? Will my daughter have breast cancer? What about my mom? I don’t have a family history of breast cancer. I had never seen a young African American woman on commercials, billboards or talked about in the media, so how could this be?
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