Using the app to do this today – hope it works properly 🤞🏻

Had to relocate today due to the flooding last Thursday – ended up by chance in my very first classroom. Someone’s grand plan? Will be there again tomorrow. Enjoyed reminiscing a little between classes. ☺️

Feeling a little anxious about Wednesday’s appointments. Follow up with the surgeon, then pre-op. Next Friday is creeping ever closer. I’m a planner. Hoping the plan hasn’t changed. Also hoping I have an early surgery so I’m not starving all day waiting for my time. Selfish thoughts 😁

4 thoughts on “2020/09/21

  1. I know you’re a planner; that’s why you’re a good teacher. Just as you know how to be flexible when unexpected changes occur in your lesson plans, be flexible with your health plans. Experience has taught me that I’ve wasted a lot of energy trying to make sure 100% of everything was done before surgery. Then I head into surgery exhausted.

    Let God handle the worrying; our worrying doesn’t help anyway. Relax and let Him who made you take care of you.

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