Met with the surgeon a second time Wednesday. My first question – do you still recommend mastectomy over lumpectomy. He said I could do a lumpectomy, but with the 2 tumors side by side, 4 cm apart, the result would be far from aesthetically pleasing. I would be required to have radiation. There would be a 20% chance of needing further surgery to remove more, and a mastectomy still a likelihood. Too high of a percent for me. I’m sticking with the mastectomy. Conversation turned to the genetics testing. If the results of specific genes come back as mutated, a double mastectomy could be recommended. Heavy, heavy conversation. I greatly appreciate the doctor entertaining every single one of my questions in great detail, to the extent that I was late to my pre-op appointment and I’m sure he to his next patient.

The next morning I received a phone call that lifted so much weight. The genetics report was back and I have zero mutations! Right breast caught a reprieve! Back to the original plan, although shifted slightly. Surgery is pushed to Monday, October 5. One extra weekend to prep for my absence from my classroom. Next stop, plastic surgery consult Monday.

3 thoughts on “2020-09-26

  1. Praising God for no mutations and saving right breast! It is amazing what can be known and done today. Praying that all things will go even better than anticipated 💗


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